Taxi Tops

Taxi media delivers one of the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) of all major media. Taxis deliver a high level of reach and frequency by traveling an average of 2,000 miles per week and can help build your brand or drive foot traffic to your targeted destinations.
With Taxis, there are almost never “zoned-out” areas which ensure that your message reaches into all neighborhoods in a market. The Taxi Tops are illuminated creating a market saturation 22 hours a day, seven days a week. They offer an eye-level, mobile message making them dominant in city centers and are a demand-led medium following the population flow throughout the day.
Taxis go where people go – where they work, live, shop and play. Taxi advertising offers a stand-alone message targeting pedestrians and vehicular audiences. The reach is so versatile, from businessmen and tourists to the convention trade. And at 14″ x 48″, they perfectly complement billboard campaign which mainly consist of standard size billboards of 14’ x 48’